Meet Sergio Mattei, a 20-year-old entrepreneur who built Makerlog, the dead-simple task log for makers.

Hi, I’m Sergio Mattei – a 20-year-old entrepreneur from sunny Puerto Rico. I’m leading a team of five building Makerlog, LLC – a company looking to empower makers from all...

Meet Cristi Moldovan and his romanian entertainment website

He is a 19-year-old romanian programmer and he developed a website filled with humorous content called Răcnetul Carpaților.

Perseverance, Gouvernement Internship, Blood Donation App and more with Maria Lesan

Maria has been involved in too many projects and activities to be listed in an introductory paragraph and keep it short at the same time.

Astronomy, astrophotography and more with Vlad Koblicica

The start of his passion for photography is related to his passion for astronomy. In the 6th grade, he found out that there was an astronomy course group in his...