Meet Sergio Mattei, a 20-year-old entrepreneur who built Makerlog, the dead-simple task log for makers.

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Meet Sergio Mattei, a 20-year-old entrepreneur who built Makerlog, the dead-simple task log for makers.

Hi, I’m Sergio Mattei – a 20-year-old entrepreneur from sunny Puerto Rico. I’m leading a team of five building Makerlog, LLC – a company looking to empower makers from all around the world to ship awesome startups.

How do you keep yourself motivated and productive?

I keep myself motivated with two things: my incredible co-founder and support network, and of course the incredible community over at Makerlog.

I guess in the end it all comes down to people, you know? Without a community, Makerlog would be nothing. Without my co-founder, Makerlog would be a mess.

What motivated you to start Makerlog?

Makerlog was started after noticing other exclusive communities in the space and deciding to create an inclusive space for everyone to make. It’s all in a mission to empower makers from around the world to ship. (Corporate speak for… I love the maker community, and I’m willing to literally go through hell and back to push it forward.)


Makerlog is free. That’s a core value of the product and Sergio strives to keep it this way. “We want everyone from all backgrounds to be able to join our community, regardless of the economic situation. I’m a college student, and I can’t afford to be in premium communities.”

Makerlog’s core goal is to keep you productive and provide you with a support network. It isn’t to keep you logging every day, it isn’t to keep you with a 200-day streak. It is to help make entrepreneurship less lonely and a lot more fun.

Sergio’s beliefs regarding the future of Makerlog:

Makerlog’s future is incredibly bright. We’re super passionate about the maker community, and our plans for the platform seriously reflect our commitment to y’all.

  • An all-new web and mobile experience, coming 2021.
  • An ad system and all-new Gold to keep Makerlog sustainable And many more other things in the pipeline…

Now, long term vision? We have a lot of dreams. Starting a fund to help support indie startups is a huge part of the vision. There’s also a focus on community building and a product ecosystem, but that’s too long to explain here. :)

Can you give our readers a quote?

Ship that shit. Seriously, don’t over-perfect it or engineer it. Just ship it. And do it with the makers over at Makerlog, it’s a lot better than doing it alone.

Who do you think we should totally interview next?

I think you should interview Josh Manders, a fantastic maker shipping incredibly well-crafted products. I’m a huge fan of his work ethic and personality.

What do you think about Youth Only Club?

I’m a fan. Gen Z reporting in.

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